The Independent Group
For Continuity Blairism

We are sickened by a machine politics that we do not control, and calls to stop arming our favourite allies.

What We Stand For

Very Serious

Arming Saudi Arabia

Despite International Humanitarian Law, arming Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen into the Stone Age is very important to us. Our members, such as Mike Gapes, are committed to enjoying more free junkets to Saudi Arabia to help aid the the famine they're imposing, which has killed over 56,000 people and leaves 8.4 million people at risk of starvation, whilst chanting the mantra "MBS is a reformer" over and over. To our detractors we say: Venezuela is Hitler.


We are tired of a dangerous left politics guaranteeing choice. The Independent Group's Gavin Shuker supports the work of extremist Christian anti-abortion groups.


Before he was against Brexit, Chuka Umunna was for it. The Independents understand that being serious means pandering to the worst instincts of our media.

Privatised Water

We understand that when you have financial interests in the water industry, as Angela Smith, you must pass bills to privatise it. Only the loony left would call such seriousness a conflict of interest.

More seriousness coming

Lobbyists, please looks us up.

There Is No Alternative

Lobby politics is great. The Iraq War was the best thing that ever happened. Rupert Murdoch is a man of our values.